What is The Happening Collective?

The Happening Collective is a creative medium to promote mental health awareness in many different facets. After suffering through mental health issues for the better half of my life, I have learnt many things along the way as to how to lead (and LIVE) a happy, healthy life. Happiness and passion will drive you to health, and in my experience it is a continuous collection of things that are ‘happening’ that result in progress and change.

Happiness and mental well-being is not a destination as some would assume. Rather, it is within the process in which things are continuously happening.

We are often too caught up in reaching our goals for happiness (or whatever they may be) that we lose sight in the beautiful challenges and experiences in-between. As cliche as it is, life is all about what is happening in the middle. Your start is your birth, your end destination is passing away, and the rest is what makes up the wonderful, crazy, life we live.

What content can you expect to see here on The Happening Collective?

As I have said above, happiness and passion will drive you to find health both mentally and psychically, therefore this space is all about my ways which I have discovered to achieve just that. The things that make me passionate are beauty, fitness, reading, art, learning new things and everything in between.

I aim to share content of the things I am personally passionate about (just in-case any of you out there share the same interests!) and also tips and guidance on ways in which you can find your own support, options and opportunities to start your own ‘happening’.