2018 // Goals, Where I have been, Plans

I took a bit of unintentional hiatus over the holiday period, simply due to a lot of anxiety I have been dealing with on a personal level. It is something I am working hard on overcoming, but sometimes I just don’t feel motivated, or inspired to create content. However, now that January is practically already over, and I have used up the free trial month of my 2018 subscription, I might as well start putting in an effort to bettering myself.


What are my goals for 2018?



I want this year to be the year of ACTION. So many years I make all these plans and list of things to do and work out, but I never commit and ACT on those goals. Therefore, these goals I am about to share with you, are not groundbreaking, but for me they are CRUCIAL in bettering myself.


A huge huge huuuuuge priority of mine is to work on my health and my fitness. I am overweight (did you just fall over in shock? It’s okay, it took me totally by surprise too) and I need to drop the weight. How am I going about doing this? I am slowly, but surely, getting myself into a routine of working out more consistently, working on my diet, and I am in talks with my doctor about weaning myself off some of the meds I take (they induce weight gain).


If you weren’t aware, I moved home back in July after being semi-independent for 4 years. I am so grateful for my beautiful mother, and the rest of my family, who have taken me in and helped me flourish and get back on my feet, but ultimately I have the END GAME in sight. I want to have money saved, and not have my account constantly in the negatives. Living paycheck to paycheck is not only stressful, but it’s hella depressing.



This is a weird category, but it somehow sorta works melded into one. I don’t like living my life as ‘go to work, come home, sleep, repeat’. I honestly believe that doing things that either challenge your brain (like reading or learning) and/or doing more things independently or socially (take yourself on a movie date, or hang out with friends at the beach), is what adds up to a good life. I am definitely a homebody in the sense that I love curling up in bed with my boyfriend, watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and just relaxing…but I also love having date nights, or taking my best friend to get food.


This is extremely personal and something only I can work on myself. My self-esteem is so low, that when Flo Rida talks about Shawty hittin the flo’ and getting low low low, it’s no match to how low my confidence levels are. I want to be able to look at myself and feel confident in my own skin, and feel BEAUTIFUL and SEXY and WORTHY of love!

Let’s kick 2018 in the butt and work on our goals!!

2 thoughts on “2018 // Goals, Where I have been, Plans”

  1. random but i love your blog design?? it’s so…well there’s no word to use except aesthetic

    good to see you back!! i love taking blog hiatuses, i hope yours helped 🙂

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