The 2017 Collective / Concerts & Gigs

One thing I pride myself on (but my bank account surely doesn’t) is that I take as many opportunities as I can to go to concerts and gigs. As a kid, my parents would take my brother and I to a tonnnnnnne of concerts, and that has given me so many memories to look back on. I can remember the time I went to The Living End on the coast and rocked the mosh-pit at the age of 11, or the time I blacked out in the mosh at The Cat Empire a couple of years later. I have been to a lot of gigs this year, and I figured I would commemorate with you with more memories.

img_0233THE B E S T CONCERT OF 2017

In March of this year, my bestfriend and I went to Twenty One Pilots…It was UNBELIEVABLE. Not only did they put on an amazing show vocally, but the theatrical elements were just so well done. There was a point in the concert where you think you are looking at Tyler sing, but then it cuts over to a part in the crowd in the higher levels, and he is standing on a ledge and removes his mask. And who can forget Josh crowd surfing WHILST playing the drums. It was brilliant, and lived up to all of my expectations (which is a decent effort considering they are one of my all-time favourite bands)!


My first concert of the year realllly just set the tone for my 2017 concert-going. Myself, my brother, and my friend Cassie, all went to see Panic! At The Disco at the Riverstage in Brisbane, and H O L Y SHIIIIIT, it was so good I have no words (well I do, as I am obviously using words to write this…). I grew up listening to PATD from a very young age, probably too young now thinking back to the lyrics especially in the first album, so I was beyond excited for this concert! Brendon Urie has a voice that is so powerful and fierce, that you can’t help but rock out. I knew he could sing, and belt a tune, but to hear it live gave me chills. There is a part at the start of Victorious where Urie belts out this high-octave Metal-Rock scream, and I remember my brother and I turning to each other, with our mouths open in shock.


If you move past the fact that it rained on our walk from the car park to the event (like PISSED down sideways and was freaking freezing as it hit you), seeing Khalid perform not only surprised me, but it made me feel so good! I LOVED Khalid’s music before attending the concert in November, but I was not prepared for such a good show! His dancing was so adorable, and goofy and had that typical college party feel-good vibe. His vocals were even better than his studio recordings, to the extent that at one point I looked to my friend and said “um, is that legit him singing, it sounds so perfect and effortless”. The one bit that got me though, tore out my heart, and made me feel all brand new, was when he performed Angels. Not only did he dedicate this song to his friend who passed away, but he performed it with such power and passion. If you feel like doing some scrolling, go to my instagram page (@itstashhh) and go to my posts around November…I have a video of him performing it, and it’s a MUST-SEE!


I have loved Lorde for years and years, but I must admit I was nowhere near as big of a fan as my bestfriend was, so I didn’t really go into the concert with pre-dispositions of it being amazing or shit. Boy was I proved wrong. It was such an amazing feel-good concert, with amazing vocals, brilliant videography and designs, and adorable dancing that was infectious. HOWEVER, there is a point in time within those 90 minutes, where I really connected with her, and I may or may not have shed a tear or two. Before singing Liability she had a little chat with us, about how she has changed so much in the last 4 years. The things she was saying resonated with me so vividly, having gone through what she was discussing, and having to deal with so much change. Then she delivered the most amazing vocals, and it was just flipping beautiful.

I also went to a few gigs this year, including Illy, Seth Sentry, Thundamentals, and Blackbear. I have a feeling I may be missing a few but for the life of my I can’t remember. That could be cause I am typing this up after having a fair bit of Sangria! I have more concerts coming up in 2018, including Post Malone, Macklemore, & Ed Sheeran for starters!





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