The 2017 Collective / Best Albums

2017 is nearly over, and to celebrate the year that has passed and to ring in the new year, I wanted to do a series, over the next week or two, all to do with THE BEST of 2017 (mainly to do with a lot of music, and beauty!). I was originally going to put my favourite albums, songs, and artists all into one post, but I was having extreme difficulty condensing it, so prepare for more posts over the next few weeks!

T O P . F I V E


Screen Shot 2017-12-24 at 5.30.47 pm

  1. Evolve – Imagine Dragons

Evolve was easily my most-anticipated release of 2017, even marking the day in my calendar and forcing my friends to listen to it once it popped into the world. The reason this makes my number 1, is that I do not dislike a single song off this album. It is definitely more pop-rock than they have ever put out, but I thoroughly enjoy it, especially with the different method of beats they introduced. Top picks from the album: Believer, I Don’t Know Why, & Rise Up (and every other song on the album). 

  1. American Teen – Khalid

I was curious one day as to why my Best Friend was listening to Khalid on repeat, with my sidebar of Spotify showing every song from his album on rotation. I gave it a listen…I never looked back. This album is, for the most part, a fun-loving youthful album, and then it gets to Angels Shot Down and rips your heart out. Top pick from the album: Angels, Another Sad Love Song Young, Dumb & Broke. 

3. Mansionz – Mansionz

Blackbear & Mike Posner are brilliant artists individually (Blackbear’s Album Help is hands down one of my all-time faves), so mix them together and you are bound to hit the jackpot. It’s rap. It’s R&B. It’s comical. It’s slow. It’s Punchy. It’s Mansionz. To top it off, it is flipping brilliant. With Blackbear’s wrapping and Mike’s unnaturally soft voice, it is an unusual mix, that just works. Top picks from the album: The Life Of A Troubadour, My Beloved A Million Miles. 

  1. Melodrama – Lorde

This will shock you, but I wasn’t a HUGE fan of this album initially. So how did it make my top five? I shall tell you. Lorde has a way with words that reaches into your heart, rips it out, gives it a shake, and then puts it back in place feeling at peace. I love the mix of slow ballads, and then the dance floor bops. Top picks from the album: Perfect Places, Homemade Dynamite Liability….and Sober (I CAN’T CHOOSE).

  1. Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 – Calvin Harris

This album is just an ultimate BOP. Bop after bop after bop. It embodies Summer mixed in with that 70s FUNK, with an assortment of big-name artists, including Future, Frank Ocean, Khalid etc. It is just easy-going music to get you in those good-feeling happy vibes. Top picks from the album: Prayers Up, Rollin Slide.

H O N O U R A B L E . M E N T I O N S

Screen Shot 2017-12-24 at 6.09.40 pm.png

  1. DAMN. – Kendrick Lamar

This album is for most people the best album of 2017, and I can definitely see why! HUMBLE, DNA LOVE are three of my favourite songs from this year, BUT the reason this album didn’t make the top of the top, is that I haven’t given the rest of the album a good listen.

  1. Harry Styles – Harry Styles

Harry Styles Debut solo album was actually freaking brilliant. It is a mix of soft-rock (Sign of the Times, Two Ghosts, Sweet Creature) with a slow alternative vibe (From the Dining Table) and then finished off with the rock bangers (Only Angel, Kiwi, Woman). 

  1. War & Leisure – Miguel

Even though this album was only JUST released, I am obsessed. It has the smooth R&B vibes that Miguel is known for, whilst now incorporating funk and pop into the mix. It is quickly becoming a favourite for me. Sky Walker, Banana Clip Pineapple Skies are my top picks.

  1. Everyone We Know – Thundamentals

AUSSIE MUSIC, HELLO! I have been listening to Thundamentals for years now thanks to my boss who introduced me to them when I first started at my job. On the surface it is Aussie Hip-Hop with jazzy vibes, mixed in with those sick raps…underlying that however, are conversation starters and deeper meanings, including death, ignorance, racism, and prejudice.

  1. Off the Grid – Bliss n Eso

Finishing it off with more Aussie Music, Bliss n Eso are no strangers to the music industry, having been around for nearly TWO decades! Off the Grid is full of Aussie Hip Hop goodness, each with their own unique sound and spin. Tear The Roof Off features Watsky and is just fast-paced and brilliant, and then Coolin’ is just funny and groovy.

Stay tuned for posts coming your way this week!

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