When I told my mum that I have been working away on creating gift guides for my blog, she suggested I do a budget friendly gift guide. I loved this idea, because I want to reiterate that you don’t HAVE to spend a lot of money on gifts! I have curated the following items to all be under $25, meaning you won’t break bank this holiday season!

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 2.06.06 pm.png

The first gift ticks so many boxes for me! This Bluetooth Portable Speaker is under 20 dollars, plays music anywhere (hello shower performances), and is ROSE FLIPPING GOLD! It is also from K-Mart which is hands down the best store on earth. Speaking of K-Mart, their homewares are amazing, especially this Marble Cake Platter, which is perfect for the baker, the foodie, or even a marble lover wanting a centrepiece (or blog prop).

On multiple occasions I have been asked what blinding highlight I am wearing, and 100% of the time, it is the Sleek Highlighting Palette in Solstice. For a budget-friendly product, it is by far the best highlighter I have ever tried, making it perfect for your makeup loving friends & family! Along the lines of beauty, Mecca have a range of gifts for any budget, but my pick under the $25 mark HAS to be the Happy Hands Hand Cream from Mecca Cosmetica! I received the Exotic Rose scent last year with a gift, but the Fig scent sound just as delicious, and you honestly cannot go wrong with that packaging !

Who doesn’t love candles?! I mean, if you don’t then…well you don’t love candles…? I love the vintage look from this Opulent Jar Candle (you can totally reuse the jar as a trinket once you burn through the candle!), as well as the shiny metal colours in this Candle Trio Set.

When I stumbled across this next product, I immediately thought of my best-friend, as we tag each other in 10+ memes a day (we have no shame), but this Classic Art Memes Book would make the perfect Secret Santa present. Another Secret Santa option (or a present for the pop-culture lover) are Pop! Vinyls. I picked out Hopper from Stranger Things because, well, he is a total badass.

It is common knowledge that I love a good statement earring, and Colette bring the goods every time. A pair of statement earrings are not only beautiful, but customisable to the person depending on what they like. For me, I love ANY type of earring whether it be gemstones, tassels, or simple lines. I know that my best-friend likes boho styles that aren’t too big, and my mum likes anything red. Why not incorporate all aspects into one, with these Tassel Hoops earrings?!

Lastly, would this be a Tash Gift Guide if i didn’t include music? No, the answer is no. CD’s are generally always under $25 dollars, and sometimes you can even get a couple for that price! My top pick would have to be American Teen by Khalid.

Christmas is sooooooo close and I am not prepared AT ALL! let me know below if you are finished all your present shopping?!

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