10 Mantras To Kick Start Your Day / 2018 Collective

I am starting a new series on my blog in preparation for the new year: The 2018 Collective! I want to share highlights from 2017, what I have learned, and what I hope WILL achieve in 2018.

Let’s kick it off with some positivity! I am not a religious person by any means, but I am spiritual in the sense that I believe things happen for a reason, and we can cultivate the things we desire. Mantras and affirmations to me, give me the power to determine how I am starting my day. If I wake up and say “today is going to suck and you are going to be miserable”, chances are today will suck and I will be miserable. Logic. Throwing in some positivity, even in shit situations, enables us to start the day off on a good foot, and cultivate our own happiness.


  1. Everything that is happening now, is happening for my ultimate good.
  2. I choose happiness, and positivity in the face of hardship.
  3. I am doing my best, that is all I can expect of myself.
  4. I am in charge of how I feel, and how I react to situations.
  5. I can do anything, starting right now.
  6. I am in the process of positive changes.
  7. I am happy, grateful, healthy and free.
  8. I can transform anything negative, into something positive.
  9. I love myself, my body, and my life.
  10. Today will be a good day.

All of these resonate with me as sometimes I can bury myself deep into sadness and negative vibes, but if I tell myself that everything is okay, and that I can choose to be happy, I can actually change the outcome of my feelings.

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