Beauty Haul: Mecca Maxima Wintergarden, Priceline Sale & MAC.

Last week I stayed in the city in Brisbane for a couple nights, so I did a little bit of shopping as I had never been in the new Mecca Maxima Wintergarden store, and coincidentally Priceline had a massive  50% off makeup sale on! I also did a MAC Afterpay order which came while I was away, with a few repurchases worth noting!

The Mecca Maxima Wintergarden store is firstly, HUGE! Covering two storeys, there is so much to take in, and initially I was a bit intimidated (THIS coming from someone who spends more on makeup than food or will to live). I was really impressed by the amount of staff they had working, and they were super friendly and helpful, yet polite enough to let us fangirl over makeup in private when need be.



If you read my Mecca 2017 Gift Guide from last week you would know that I mentioned the Stila Play It Cool Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Set. When I swatched Bacca (raspberry toned) I knew I had to get it! So far I am reallllly impressed with the formula! Looking through the little section they had set up for Christmas gifts, my friend pointed out the INTENSE glow-up from this Mini Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmer in Luminous. Stay tuned to see this in upcoming Summer posts because it is bloody amazing as far as first impressions go. Lastly, from Mecca Maxima, I picked up a mini size of the Glamglow Glowsetter Setting Spray to test out whether it lives up to the hype! IT. SMELLS. AMAZING!


I didn’t plan on buying anything from the Priceline 50% off sale, as I was mentally only prepared for Mecca Maxima, but willpower took the backseat as soon as I walked in. I decided to pick up a bottle of the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25H Breathable Foundation, as I have heard RAVE reviews about it. I will be doing a FULL First Impression post on this foundation, comparing it with my MAC Studio Fix Fluid. I also picked up one of the new Australis Shimmer Pigment Pots in the shade Gold, due to the intensity being similar to that of MAC (not even kidding).

I also picked up one of the Models Prefer Cream Blush Stick in the shade Dream. I use to own this a few years ago but gave it to a friend as I NEVER used cream products other than my base. For 5 dollars I figured I would pick one up and test out the quality again, now that I am definitely more into natural, dewy products.


Lastly, I made an order over a week ago on MAC as I had practically run out of my Studio Fix Fluid & Pro Longwear concealer, hoping that it would arrive before my trip away (even ordered express shipping). For reasons undisclosed to me, it took 4 days instead of 1 to arrive, but nevertheless they are now in my possession! I also was naughty (Santa isn’t bringing me shit this year, so might as well stick to my bad habits) and picked up another MAC x Nicki Minaj lipstick, this time in the shade Bosom Friend which is a very pale pink nude!

Now excuse me while I go back to being on a spending ban!

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