Top Five Friday: Blackbear

At the time you are reading this, there is a very high chance I am currently bopping along to blackbear IRL in the Valley, so I thought it would be only fitting that today’s edition of Top Five Friday be dedicated to make daddy proud (PLEASE GET MY SONG REFERENCE I JUST THREW IN THERE 4u – oh there I go again)…moving on from the terrible puns, TOP FIVE FRIDAY!

blackbear is a multi-faceted American artist, songwriter, producer, rapper, also well-known for his & Mike Posner’s group Mansionz. He has helped write and produce songs for many artists, and yet he is still quite under the radar, only now being pushed into the limelight thanks to do re mi. SIDE NOTE Please take into consideration that bear’s music is not always PG friendly, and there are a lot of references to drugs and sex, so if that isn’t your style of music then I would skip past this post. *



Idfc is a song about emotional detachment pretty much highlighting faults, but saying idfc, I will love it anyway cause I love you. This song highlights blackbears strengths as an artist, as it is not a typical rap/hip-hop beat, but more relaxed and deep. I highly suggest you listen to the original, as well as his acoustic version as they are so incredibly different, thus shows his capabilities as an artist.


2. Help

Now the lyrics in this one aren’t PG friendly, but then again if you are listening to blackbear I would assume you were old enough to do so. blackbear’s album Help was my first introduction to him as an artist, and there is not a single song on that album that I don’t like. This song just has that calm beat the whole way through, backed up with his amazing raspy vocals, but as it gets into the chorus the beat gets more punchy. Definite car drive music!


3. Verbatim

Verbatim is a track about honesty and communication in a relationship, ultimately with bear asking his girl to be open with him. I love how in some regards blackbear can be totally relatable with his lyrics. The beat to this song is a lot slower than most of his upbeat songs, but not to the slow point of idfc, yet still chill enough to relax to.


4. Deadroses

Now Deadroses isn’t necessarily my favourite song in regards to the beat, but the lyrics especially in the chorus get to me. I can honestly relate to his sentiments about love, how true love is vivid and it can last a lifetime, or not long at all.


5. Rly Real

Rly Real is a song off an EP Cashmere Noose so it is not as well-known as songs off his albums, but damn they still so good. I love the repetition in the chorus, and how it borders on tongue-twisting lines, to add in that extra punch. Bear pretty much is talking about how this girl has been playing with the wrong dudes, asking her if it’s really real to her.

Typing this post up has me HELLA (another reference, I know…) pumped for his gig! I know bear’s lyrics may not be desired by a lot of people, so I just want to reiterate again that not everyone will like the same music and/or artists as me or anyone else for that matter, but music is a personal experience, so no one should be at a disadvantage for their preferences! 🙂

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