Mecca 2017 Christmas Gift Guide: My Top Picks!

Mecca is by far one of my favourite stores in the world, catering to so many amazing quality brands of makeup, skincare and general beauty! Recently, their 2017 Christmas guide and collections, including LE products specifically for the holiday season, was made available to the public. After looking through 450+ products in their Gift collections, I decided to talk about my top picks!


  1. Stila Play It Cool Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Set / $29

I have never tried Stila Liquid Lipsticks, but I have heard the formula is quite nice, and I am a sucker for Minis! This trio comes with a pale nude, a dusty rose, and a raspberry shade, perfect for any look over the holiday season!

  1. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette Vol. 3 / $117

Hourglass kill it with their holiday releases, and this rose gold beauty is no exception. Considering you get 6 different product in the one gorgeously packaged item, it is maybe, quite possibly, worth the high price point. It is taking every ounce of my being to not purchase this, but you best believe I am going to have a play with it next time I am at Mecca!

  1. NARS Love Triangle Blush and Lip Duo / $35

I have said it once and I will say it approximately 10,183 times more, but Minis are so flipping good! Have you ever wanted to try a NARS blush but don’t wanna drop the equivalent of a full tank of fuel on a product you may not love (raises hand), well then this is the thing for you! There are five shades/looks to choose from, so something for every skin-tone and preference!


  1. bareMinerals Send Nudes Liquid Lipcolor Trio / $41

I love me a good set of nudes….thanks bareMinerals! Seriously though, you get 3 full-sized lip products for $41 when if you purchased them separately it would set you back $78… I feel like this will be added to my basket when I pop into Mecca this week (let’s be serious…this will definitely be happening!).

  1. Urban Decay Little Vices / $46

The Urban Decay Vice lipsticks are one of my all-time favourites alongside MAC, so this gift pack is right up my alley. Little Vices comes with 5 deluxe samples of the Vice Lipsticks, including one of my most-worn shades 1993.

  1. Urban Decay The Ultimate Pair / $35

Speaking of Urban Decay, here is another product that may (definitely will) end up in my basket when I visit Mecca this week! In this pair you get a Urban Decay Vice Lipstick alongside it’s complementary counterpart Lip Liner! I have my eyes set on Back Talk & Rush!

  1. MECCA MAX Beauty Clutch / $55

I don’t know whether I would totally justify $55 for a clutch, but my gosh, this is definitely a winner! Pink, glitter, and gold hardware? Yes please!

Well there you have it, my top picks from Mecca’s Gift selection! Show this to that boyfriend of yours to drop those hints for Christmas, or drop some dough on your best gal friend for her present with maybe one of these presents!

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