POSITIVE VIBES / How to stay positive and grateful every.damn.day.

I am the epitome of stress at times, with life being one big roller coaster ride of emotions, however I have come a long LONG way recently, due to shifting my mindset. I still struggle with anxiety and being sad & negative (NO ONE IS PERFECT), but these tips and tricks have really enabled me to change the way I look at things, as well as rejuvenating myself to tackle the next step.

  • Find the good in every situation, no matter how bad it may be.
  • A bad situation is just a small blip in the timeline of your life.
  • You have overcome hard times before, and you can WILL do it again.

  • Write down something you are grateful for EVERY DAY.
  • Practice self-care! Have a warm bath, read a book, have a glass of your favourite drink.
  • Get outside and soak up the sun and nature!
  • EXERCISE – get your body moving and see, no FEEL, the difference it makes to your body.

  • Listen to some good, happy music!
  • Go to bed and delete all the negativity out of you as if you are deleting your internet history every day.
  • Wake up with a blank canvas, and tell yourself you ARE positive and HAPPY and will keep an open mind, no matter what is thrown your way.
  • Remember it is okay to feel down, and negative…as long as you pick yourself back up.

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