Vision Board: How To Stay Motivated and Focused On Goals.

In preparation of ERL12 I wanted to set up an updated vision board, which I could use to keep me motivated and determined. I set this up and had a few people ask me how I did it, or “you need to make me one of those” so I figured a post covering the basics would be a great idea!

Vision boards are so easy to create, and the best thing about them is that they are personal, so there are no rights or wrongs. To start off, you will need your base for your board. You can use a canvas or a piece of cardboard and stick items on with glue or tape, or a cork board. The method I used is a canvas/cork board from Kikki K, which I was gifted way back in 2012, yet it’s still available for purchase which goes to show the quality is desirable!

Next, compile pictures of things that inspire you relating to your goal or purpose for creating this board. You can print off pictures and cut them out, or find things in magazines. I found a lot of my pictures from Pinterest, as well as Instagram.




In the middle of my board I have my main focus, which is my tracking sheet from my 12 week challenge. As my purpose of this board is to keep me focused and motivated with my fitness journey, I wanted to have a place where I can see my measurements, and my goals.







A big source of inspiration for me…is…well me. I look back at pictures from when I was younger when I thought I was fat. What I would give to be that fat again! That is why I wanted to create a section for “old me” so I can be determined to reach that level of “fat” again.




Other things I have added to my vision board include clothes inspiration (clothes I would love to buy or wear but don’t feel comfortable currently wearing them), Booty goals, as well as people who inspire me. Rachel Aust is a HUGE inspiration for me as not only is she the creator of ERL12, but I find her motivating and honest. Khloe Kardashian, Demi Lovato and Ashy Bines are also people who inspire me for different reasons.ย img_3132

It is super easy and quick to make a vision board, and the effects are long-lasting as it will help guide me and remind me of my goals so that I stay on track and hopefully stay inspired.

If you were to create your own vision board, what would you include on yours? x


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