MECCA MAX – Collection Review

img_2778A few weeks ago, a lovely friend of mine shouted me some makeup from the new MECCA MAX cosmetics range to try out! I figured I would do a small review/ haul of the products I received.

The first product that caught my eye was the Wink Weapon Mini Palette in Embellished. I was drawn to the neutral tones and that GORGEOUS sparkling gold. The problem with ordering online is that looks can be deceiving. In this case the gold glitter is purely glitter, and unless you have glitter-glue it is practically unusable. I definitely would like to pick a glitter glue to try this with, though as it is stunning!

As for the other shades, they are quite blendable and creamy, especially the dark brown and the copper. Definitely good for travelling, just keep in mind you will need a glitter glue if you wish to use the gold.

As you can see when you pick up the gold glitter it looks beautiful, but on the skin/lid it separates and does not stick (MAJOR FALLOUT), even with MAC Fix+, so a glitter glue is DEFINITELY needed, and something I will look into purchasing.

img_2782The best pick out of the bunch by far is the Sunlit Skin Bronzing Powder in Bronzing Light.ย It is a beautiful light mid-tone brown which is perfect for contouring and bronzing, and light enough for pale skin! It is not overly pigmented, which allows for you to go in lightly and build up the intensity, which is ideal for a bronzer!

I love the ripple effect and the overall packaging with this one…definite hit and only $22!

I also picked up the Shimmer Shot Lip Glitter in Millionaire and the City Slickers Tinted Oil in Rose. I gave these a fair trial but unfortunately these just did not impress me, as they felt very cheap in quality. The glitter was very chunky and went on like a thick white paste with not much shine, and the tinted oil smelt and tasted like plastic.

Mecca also threw in some of the MECCA MAX Face Wipes as an extra goodie, which were okay but nothing amazing.

Overall, I feel like MECCA MAX is a consistent collection of products in regards to the GORGEOUS packaging, the low price-point, and the variety of products on offer. I am definitely interested in trying out more products from the range (especially their cream face products!).

Have you tried anything from the range? Let me know in the comments, especially if there is something you can recommend that I try! x


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