Spring is definitely on its way in, and to celebrate I want to kick-start the season off with a little fashion inspo. Most importantly, this wishlist is curated in the hopes of me losing weight so that I can feel comfortable and confident in the clothes I can envision for the warmer months. All of these pieces inspire me to lose weight and become more confident and positive with my body!


 The Wrap Tea Dress

First up is this stunning starry, frilled Wrap dress that is both sexy, flirty and spring appropriate in the one package. I have been DIGGING wrap tops and dresses lately as they definitely compliment my body shape the most, and show off the assets while still keeping it remotely PG…maybe.

Playsuits, White & Crochet

Another beauty from Boohoo is this all-white crochet trim playsuit. My current wardrobe consists of mainly black, black and more black as it is the only thing I currently feel comfortable in. I KNOW I can wear white and bright colours if I wanted to…I just personally feel out of my element. YOU DO YOU.

Staying on the white theme, a simple cami is always a must in my collection, as you can layer it in winter, or wear it on its own in Spring/Summer. I love how the frill gives it that little bit of dimension.



If you know me well, you would know I pretty much live in leggings. Creature of comfort. I never wear tight items, but I have alwwwwaaays wanted to rock a denim skirt with a graphic tee, some vans, and frilly earings.




Last but not least is something I already ROCK and feel hella comfortable in, but can never find a size that fits me in my normal chain stores. Off-the-shoulder blouses are incredibly on-trend (still, not dying down anytime soon) and an all-white crisp edition screams summer.



Can I finish this post by saying that no matter what your weight, size, shape, form, anything… you CAN wear whatever you bloody well want to! Size does not determine your worth. For me, personally, however I find clothes a big source of emotional turmoil,  as I never feel sexy, or confident in what I wear. I find I hide behind dark, baggy clothes that cover every inch of my body, and I don’t want to be like that anymore. If you can rock this stuff right now, then good on you for being body positive! It is just that I am sadly not there!

#realmoment aside, let me know which Spring trend you are looking forward to rocking! x


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