EAT RUN LIFT 12 Week Challenge / Follow My Journey

Now that my blog is steering to include more lifestyle & fitness topics, I figured I would incorporate my latest adventure into my site, and document my latest fitness journey. I am taking part in ERL12 which is a 12 week challenge, created through EAT RUN LIFT (Founded by none other than the wonderful Rachel Aust), as of the 18th of September. I want to document my experiences with this major uphaul of my lifestyle, to hopefully inspire others, but to most importantly keep myself accountable.


Where am I starting off?

I have a slight urge to vomit at the thought of sharing my stats with the world, but I want to be transparent and real here. Hi, my name is Tash and I am overweight. Wait? That wasn’t news? Damn, my bad. Moving on. As you can see, my BF% is incredibly high (I already knew this would be the case so I am not shocked), yet I am above average in muscle mass (THANK YOU LEG DAY). For actual ‘weight’ that you would get off a generic scale I am starting off at 112.5kg (Since writing this post 4 days before the challenge started, I have already dropped 1 kilo so really starting off at 111.5kg!!).

What are my goals?

  1. DON’T QUIT! – I refuse to quit. This is it. I am changing my lifestyle and I am giving it my all! To keep myself motivated, if I do all my workouts in a week I am adding $50 to my End-of-challenge reward fund!
  2. Lose weight! – For the challenge I would LOVE to lose 10 or more kilos, but considering I have not stuck to a lifestyle change like this before, I have no idea of what my body is capable of. Slow progress is better than no progress in my eyes.
  3. Do a set of push-ups….on my feet! – Despite my above-average muscle mass, I am weak AF, in my upper body at the least.

What is inspiring me?

I have been overweight significantly for about 5 years now, and I have gone through a lot in that time that has caused me to run to bad vices for comfort, thus resulting in not-so-good habits aiding in weight-gain. What inspires me is the thought of being both healthy and happy. I am already improving on the happiness aspect of my life, but I want to be the best version of myself that I can be. I am also inspired and motivated by the idea of going on a shop at the end of this challenge and hopefully feeling more confident! Who knows, I may drop a size or two and be able to walk into any normal store! TIME SHALL TELL.

If any of you would like to follow me on my journey on an everyday basis, I will be documenting it on my Instagram account which is @fittashhh ! x

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