Declutter Series / Pigment, Glitter, Cream Products.

Welcome to my second instalment of my declutter series, where I cull through my products ruthlessly (or at the very least attempt to).  This post is dedicated to eyeshadow products that are not colourpop, not palettes, not singles, etc. So shimmer sticks, cream shadows, pigments, etc. Let’s dive in!



MAC Spellbinder Shadow in Cosmic Flash… Granted I haven’t used this product too often as of yet, I will not part ways! It is a beautiful velvety pigment, and is the perfect shade of dark green.

MAC Pigment in Blue Brown is one of those products where I feel it is going to take me, potentially, a lifetime to finish up! But the colour is so unique, and a perfect topper to a smokey-eye.


The NYX Roll On Shimmers are such an underrated product.

They add the perfect amount of sparkle to any look, are not messy, and apply beautifully with no need for a glitter glue.

I was going to declutter two shades as I felt I have had them for a long time, but they seem to still be in good condition, so I will hold onto them for a while longer.

I have shades Platinum, Salmon, and Mauve Pink.img_1857




Lastly, we have the Urban Decay Liquid Moondust Eyeshadows, which were all the rave when the press release came out, but honestly, the quality lacks. I picked up shades Solstice, Zodiac and Spacetime, with my Solstice coming faulty.
I am going to keep Zodiac (the green) and Spacetime (the brown) as I want to form a full review on these.





I will be getting rid of the shade Solstice, as it is clearly faulty. The product is thick and clumpy and it also smells, so NO WAY would I put this anywhere near my eye-balls.


It is such a shame as this colour is STUNNING.



I wasn’t completely ruthless in this round, with only getting rid of one product, but to be fair I am keeping 2 of them to form a review on. Also, these tend to be products that are not used on an everyday basis, but are kept due to how they can finish off certain makeup looks I will create.


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