Plan With Me / July

For something a little bit different, I thought I would share with you my July spread in my bullet journal! I kept it pretty basic this month, with hints of pink!


My title page is veeeeery simple, but I am kind of digging it. I just wrote July in fake calligraphy and then put confetti dots all over the page using my watercolour kit.


As you can see I went for a very minimal looking spread for July ! For my month at a glance, I went with a vertical layout which I have started to fill out with volleyball dates, overtime at work, events etc. It is a good way to see what is coming up in the month, and to keep track of important dates.


My tracker is exactly the same as last months, with me wanting to focus on getting out of bed on time (a reeeeally big issue for me right now), exercising, reading, practicing gratitude, etc. Fingers crossed I actually fill it out this month!

I also have a mood tracker, which I find is a wonderful tool to later reflect on how your moods correlate with your productivity and the events on that day.


Lastly for my ‘month’ section, I added in my gratitude list, where I write one thing that I am grateful for everyday. This is probably my favourite spread, as it reminds me of all the things I have in life to be grateful for.

Let me know if you want to see how I plan out my weeks in the month, as well as miscellaneous spreads and lists! x

4 thoughts on “Plan With Me / July”

  1. I really love bullet journaling and have recently taken up gratitude journaling as well! x


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