Declutter Series / Mascara

After listening to multiple podcasts recently about the beauty of decluttering, I went through all of my makeup and was ruthless with my products. I got rid of a fair bit of products, some which I have chucked due to being out of date, and some given to my friends. This will be a series, so stay tuned for more instalments!




First up are mascaras! I had a ridiculous amount sitting around, all of which are opened (which is a stupid act on my behalf), and some which are DEFINITELY expired.




I ended up getting rid of a fair chunk of my mascaras as I knew most of them were expired.

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara, which I received as a sample, was a total flop for me. It added no body to my lashes, and so I put this one in the bin. Definitely expired too.

A product I did actually enjoy, but is completely empty so to the bin it goes, is the Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara ( WHAT A MOUTHFUL!). I loved this product! It really did push up my lashes.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara….NO. This product is still full, but I hate it so much that I am parting ways with it. It is a crap product to say the least. Not waterproof, clumpy, gives no length or body, and very dry.

The original Too Faced Better Than Sex is one of those products I can’t seem to grasp as to whether I love it or hate it. It really does give a fluffy look to the lashes, but I don’t think its my all-time favourite.

What I am keeping:  img_1853

I decided to keep the only two mascaras that were either not expired, or had product still left. Funnily enough they are both samples (Thanks Mecca!).

As stated above, I still don’t know if I LOVE or don’t love the Too Faced Better Than Sex….Hopefully the rest of this sample will help me make up my mind.

Urban Decay Perversion I can’t figure out if its good, or whether its just mediocre. I haven’t given it a solid try yet, so shantay you stay (I just started watching RuPaul…can you tell?).

The Verdict:

Bye bye to 5 mascaras, keeping 2, which is definitely a solid effort I feel! I have actually recently picked up the Rimmel Lash Accelerator as it was half price, so technically I own 1 full-size and two minis. No more until I use them up!!





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