My Perfume Collection //

Perfume for me, is one of those things I simply can’t go a day without. If I have perfume on, I have my shit together. I have perfume at home, some in my handbag, and whenever I go on a break at work, I make sure to freshen up in the bathroom. I like to have my shit together okay? side note I am horrible at explaining scents (my vocabulary includes a range from ‘smells like Harry Styles and all his deliciousness’ to ‘meh, its okay’) so if I can’t describe the scent to the best of my literary abilities, I will just simple tell you why I like it.img_1303

The Luxe

Versace Crystal Noir –  I ALWAYS get compliments whenever I wear this one. It is spicy and sexy, sensuous and seductive, all rolled into one. I highly suggest you give this a good old sniff (Priceline is my pick for cheap prices!).

Jimmy Choo Blossom – I was recommended to pick this up, and although I love the fruity scent, I don’t think I will repurchase it once I use it up. The packaging though…how STUNNING is it.

The Timeless

Elizabeth Arden Red Door – This scent brings back so many nostalgic memories, searching through my Mums collection of fragrances. It is such a signature scent, one that will never be outdated. I tend to wear this of an evening usually.

The Favourites

Katy Perry Killer Queen – This is usually in my handbag 90% of the time, and I have no shame in that. It is such a yummy scent, considering how dirt cheap it is! It smells very berrylicious and sweet. 

Guess Seductive – I am horrible at describing scents, but to me Guess Seductive is very fruity and has main notes of vanilla. I could be totally off, but it smells amazing, and costs less than $30…

Intimately Bechkam: This is my second bottle, andddddd as you can tell it is a bit worse for wear. I am so gutted though…THIS IS DISCONTINUED. WTF is wrong with you Beckhams? Taking away our joy and our only reason to live? (If ANYONE finds this anywhere, please contact me ASAP so I can buy every bottle left).


Taylor Swift Wonderstruck – Fruity and berry scented with a hint of vanilla and sandalwood, this OG Taylor Swift perfume has been in my collection since roughly 2011….I should probably chuck it out, but I am committed.

Hilary Duff With Love – Another perfume which I believe is discontinued (you can still nab it off stand-alone perfume stores that re-sell things like this, but whether it is legit or not, I can’t tell you). This was one of my first ever perfumes I owned, annnnd quite possibly over a decade old. Will I throw it out? Probably not.

Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy – And let’s make that another perfume that is quite possibly expired but is the ultimate OG perfume, so it stays. This is musky, dark and fruity and I have sentimental memories of this as it was purchased for me on one of the cruises we went on when I was young.

The ‘i-bought-this-because-of-the-packaging’

Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy – There were no testers out for this when Brad and I went to Priceline at Christmas time, buttt we bought it anyway because I like the smell of candy… It is a nice, sweet perfume, but I must admit, I like it MAINLY cause of the pastel pink packaging and the god-damn pom-pom.

The Empty

Katy Perry Royal Revolution – Probably my most disliked perfume, so I am kinda glad it is empty and I can take it off my shelf. The packaging is cute and love the blue, but it was just too overboard on the floral notes for me. Nothing special.

The Mini’s

Rihanna Reb’l Fleur, Rogue, and Rebelle – I picked these up in a Mini Set at a local chemist at Christmas time, and these have found a nice little home in my handbag, and on my desk at work. They are tiny enough that you can slip them in your pocket, and take to the bathroom to freshen up. I work in an office, so spraying my perfume at my desk would probably result in sneezing, coughing, inhaling fumes, and people asking ‘who sprayed that?’. 

The Summer

Sex And The City Sunset – I was so graciously gifted this a few years back from my partner’s grandparents, and so it will always have a special place in my heart. It smells exactly like summer to me – sunscreen and mozzie spray. WHICH may turn people off, but I think it smells so fun, nostalgic and summery!

There you have it! My obnoxious collection of perfume! No one needs this many perfumes, but when you are a materialistic hoarder like me, you can never have enough.

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