BOOK Me In // May Wishlist

Reading has become such a routine for me lately! I read (listen) to audiobooks a LOT at work, as it is so easy to chuck my headphones on, put on a book, and get immersed while pottering along. I still have a long way to go until I am happy with how much I read, but I am getting there. I am CONSTANTLY adding books to my TBR pile, so I figured I could easily start a new blog series where I tell you what books I currently obsessively want to read.

side note I am working on creating my second blog which is solely for reading, writing and reviews so stay tuned!*

  1. A List of Cages – Robin Roe: A student named Adam Blake with ADHD is picked in an elective to work alongside a School Psychologist, and has to track down a troubled freshman. The boy turns out to be Julian, a long-lost Foster Brother of Adam’s. Its a book about psychological problems, foster-care, traumatic experiences, and healing. I have heard the book is heart-wrenching and absolutely beautiful. Naturally, this draws me to want to read it. Who doesn’t love getting their heart ripped out for fun?!
  2.  When Dimple Met Rishi – Sandhya Menon: An arranged marriage between two  Indian-American teens, thanks to their parents, Dimple and Rishi are polar opposites, and when they clash, love finds a way to change everything. 

    I love a good YA romance, and this seems so different and more diverse to the typical cliché books out there. Definitely can’t wait for the release of this!

  3. Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls – Elena Favilli & Francesca Cavallo: A children’s bedtime story book filled with the stories of 100 extraordinary women and their stories, in a fairy-tale retelling. 

    When I first saw this pop up on my Goodreads feed I was like “Children’s book?….nah mate” but after looking at the excerpt and pictures online, I realised it was actually so much MORE than that. Each extraordinary woman has her own story of her life, accompanied by an illustration depicting them in their most true form. YES PLEASE.


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