Rimmel The Only 1 Matte Lipstick // Review & Swatches

When these lipsticks were released here in Australia, and subsequently were ALL the rave in the blogisphere, I felt a strong case of FOMO, mainly as I just didn’t see the hype. Granted I hadn’t picked any up to test out, but that was only because the smell was SOOOO overpowering when you first open it, that I was naturally declined to try it out.

Alas, for all things fair and just, I decided to pick up two shades (quite a while ago now…I am lazy okay) and review these once and for all.


Top to Bottom: 200 Salute, 810 The Matte Factor


The Rimmel Only 1 Matte Lipsticks are marketed as ‘More colour intensity, more comfort, less drying and longer-lasting than your typical Matte lipstick’ according to Priceline.

Colour Intensity? YES…these are extremely opaque and require minimal effort to build up colour.

Comfort & Less Drying?ย To an extent, yes! I say an extent, as I personally have REALLY dry lips (probably cause I don’t drink enough water…I can already hear mum laughing). After a few hours they do tend to feel thick on my lips, but that is ALL matte lipsticks for me unfortunately.

Longer Lasting? YES. These last sooooo long and so well on the lips (minus the aforementioned drying). I remember wearing the dark purple shade at work, and even after eating, it still looked so good!

There are 9 shades available with quite a good shade range, consisting mostly of nudes, and rich winter tones from pinks to plums and browns. I own 200 Salute, which is a pinky nude, and 810 The Matte Factor which is a rich purple plum.

So….do they live up to the hype? Even though they aren’t my all-time favourite matte lipstick, they are definitely up there! For a drugstore product, I think Rimmel really nailed it. My only qualm is the scent. My partner always tells me I have a shit (for lack of a better word) nose…I only notice things with a strong scent, sooooo I can’t really make that be the only thing to stop me from trying a product.

This is definitely not sponsored, but Priceline currently have 50% off on Rimmel products until the 31st of May, so if you want to snag one up for $7.97, I suggest you act quick!


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