Project Pan //

I want to make it a goal this year to constantly be observing what makeup I do or don’t use, and get my absolute moneys worth when it comes to my collection. There are products that are nearly empty that I want to use-up, products that are close to expiring, and products I ADORE so much that I want to repurchase, but won’t do until I have used it down to the last drop. I am not setting myself a time limit to use the following up, but I am making sure they are on my radar for using up.

At Christmas last year, I picked up a deluxe perfume set from a local chemist which has 3 mini sized Rihanna perfume. Little known fact, I am a perfume hoarder, so I want to make sure I am constantly rotating my perfumes, so that I am using them before they expire. These two from the set I got are Reb’l Fleur & Rebelle ( It also came with a mini-size of Rouge but that is practically all used up!). These scents are by far some of my favourites out of all the ones I own, so there is no doubt that I will repurchase these once I use them up.

A product I have recently fell back in love with is the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Transparent. My friend gave me hers to try again (she had one with a little left in it when she repurchased a new one at the Priceline sale) and so I am making it my goal to finish it up. This shouldn’t be hard as there is not much product left, but I really want to see if I love it as much as I used to do years ago!

Benefit Porefessional Primer, a makeup collector cult product, has been sitting in my primer draw for a fair few years now, to the point where I feel like it DEFINITELY has to be expired. I keep using it thinking “this will be the last use, there can’t be anymore product left” but I keep getting fooled.

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in Paisley. This product was a flop for me, as it swatches so beautifully, but doesn’t transfer that way on the lids. There is not much product left so instead of chucking it out or giving it to a friend, I want to see if I can use it up and see if I can get the product to work for me.

The last two products are MAC, starting off with the MAC Strobe cream. This is hands down one of my favourite primers of all time! This too, is incredibly old and potentially (most definitely) expired, but there is hardly anything left, so I am determined to finish it off.

At Christmas, the Nutcracker collection was released at MAC and I picked up the set of four mini-sized lipsticks in the holiday collection packaging. The shade here, Novelle Vogue, is such a stunning pinky-nude. I had every intention of using this mini size up purely to repurchase it in the full-size, but after much research, I found that it is not available in the permanent range. Alas, I will still use it up because my mumma didn’t raise no quitter.

That is everything on my Project Pan list! I will touch base in a couple of months to see what products I used up! x

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